A Proud Tradition
of Consumerism

(1978 - 2008)

Traditionally, the CUB provided testimony before the Council on both the DC Public Service Commission (the "PSC") that regulates DC's electric, natural gas and telecommunications utilities, and the Office of People's Counsel (OPC) that advocates on behalf of the public before the PSC. The CUB also interviewed potential nominees for PSC Commissioners and the People's Counsel and provided their assessment of the candidates to the Mayor and the Council.  

The CUB routinely provided input from consumers and ratepayers to OPC, for example in PSC Formal Case No. 712, developing a Consumers' Bill of Rights. 

One of the CUB's most notable campaigns raising public awareness of the pollution-related problems plaguing DC's Kenilworth-Parkside, River Terrace and Kingman Park neighborhoods stemming from Pepco's Benning Road Generating plant, which finally ceased operating completely in 2014. 

Building a Sustainable
Future for DC

(2006 - 2016)

CUB members worked to open access to and to make Renewable Energy affordable to all in DC:

  • Participated in enacting the Clean & Affordable Energy Act of 2008.
  • Participated in drafting and enacting the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011.
  • Participated in drafting and enacting the Community Renewables Energy Act of 2013.

  • CUB members brought public voices before regulators in defense of the Public Interest:

  • Intervened in PSC Formal Case No. 1103 (2012 Electric Electric Distribution Rate Increase).
  • Intervened in PSC Formal Case No. 1119 (Exelon Corp. proposal to acquire PHI Holdings, Inc."Pepco").
  • Participating in PSC Formal Case No. 1130, ("Grid Modernization").
  • Intervened in PSC Formal Case No. 1137 (2012 Natural Gas Rate Increase).
  • Intervened in PSC Formal Case No. 1139 (Electric Distribution Rate Increase). 
  • CUB members gained citywide exposure making Renewable Energy available, representing ratepayers' and establishing trust among Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, Civic and Citizens Associations.

the CUB


  • The CUB is incorporated as a membership organization. 
  • We elected a Board of Directors.
  • The CUB received a grant from the Sparkplug Foundation. 
  • Our Directors have implemented a fundraising campaign.
  • We have designed an internship program in conjunction with the UDC Law School.
  • The CUB's web site is established (
  • In addition to representing utility ratepayers within DC's regulatory and legislative processes, the CUB plans to build strategic capacity in four areas: data collection and analysis; building membership; movement networking; and communications.