Is Pepco's 2016 filing of an $85.5 Million rate hike (Formal Case No. 1119) the first of many requests, which, if granted, will dwarf Exelon's contributions to the Community Investment Fund?

What do we have to change about our regulatory system so that our regulators focus on the public interest they are sworn to represent, not just what the utilities want?

When will DC’s power system be built around Distributed Generation (locally produced Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) powered by a 21st Century SmartGrid?   

Why should ratepayers, taxpayers & residents pay for increasingly expensive, dangerous and environmentally damaging fossil and nuclear fuels?

Why isn't our PSC investigating if there is a relationship between rising electric costs, power disconnections, evictions and mortgage foreclosures?

Natural Gas

Should the PSC be approving the construction of gas pipelines that leak climate damaging methane and permit leakage of larger amounts of gas resulting higher consumption and costs?

Should the PSC be approving the construction of gas pipelines into households in multifamily buildings that prevent the use of high efficiency building technologies, and raise costs to ratepayers?


Why doesn’t every family in DC with children have free access to broadband?  

Why did DC start building municipal broadband, then stop after spending millions of taxpayer dollars? 

If the PSC is unable to regulate fair and competitive access to broadband, shouldn't the District government install municipal broadband, that is cheaper, uses faster speeds, is easier to install, and is widely regarded as more reliable than commercial services?


If capital water projects increase rates beyond ratepayers' ability to pay, shouldn't DC government bear more of the cost for this infrastructure?

Is DC Water instituting payday-loan-like practices with mandatory 10% late fees?

One ratepayer received an "8 month" water bill. He wants to know why he's paying for meters that are not producing accurate and timely bills?

Another ratepayer was astonished to see water charges amounting to a few dollars, and surcharges for significantly more. She wants to know what she's paying for and is she getting what she's paying for?