We serve ratepayers, taxpayers and residents.

  • Electric: We support a SmartGrid distribution system built around locally produced Distributed Generation capable of meeting consumers' needs. 
  • Natural Gas: We support distribution that minimizes the environmental impact of gas and maximizes its efficiency. 
  • Telecommunications: We support affordable access to broadband for all families with children.
  • Water-and-sewer: We support Ratepayers knowing what they are paying for and seeing that they get it. 



Ratepayers pay, therefore, ratepayers matter. CUB serves ratepayers by working to insure their rate of return is at least commensurate with the rate of return for stockholders. CUB seeks to insure there are more rigorous definitions by regulators of practices that determine whether a utility's presence in our community serves the public interest, and whether it is willing to provide ratepayers the services they need at the costs they can afford. 



Taxpayers also help fund our utility systems. They provide subsides to low income consumers in the form of utility assistance. Also, as we are witnessing in jurisdictions across the country, Utility companies are asking taxpayers to underwrite failed business models. CUB will be making it clear: DC taxpayers will not bail out privately-owned utilities for unilaterally making poor business decisions, then, (as the child who murdered his parents then pled for mercy because he "was an orphan”) declaring those assets as “stranded.”  



Water, power, light, heat and telecommunications are necessary resources for all of our families to live, prosper and thrive. CUB finds it appalling to see residents who spent their lives working to serve our city, pitted against utilities' financial goals and appetites, and being deprived of their ability to live their lives out in their homes. CUB will be working to insure accessibility and affordability of these necessities for all residents, in all 8 Wards and across all socio-economic groups.